Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So, I was doing great with my goal of blogging every day, and then this weekend happened. 

That's my only excuse. 

Monday was the only day I worked on anything WeeWants related.  I had a meeting about WeeWants being sold at a boutique on that day.  I had to figure out pricing and get back to hopefully by the end of this week I will know!  So exciting!

I also, finally, sewed Jeremy a new blanket.  But, I don't have pictures of it yet. And to be quite honest, the real reason I sewed it was to show to the boutique.  

So, when I'm not slacking, and by slacking I guess that means playing with my son & keeping the house looking like it's kind of clean...I will sit back down at the sewing machine and get going! 

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