Thursday, September 15, 2011

A good break.

I can't handle how cute this picture is. Now I can hardly get him to stay still, let alone take a break and snuggle!  
This picture is from when Jeremy was about two weeks old, we were taking a break from our super busy day at this particular moment (please insert your own sarcasm to that sentence if you've ever had a two week old) .  But, I don't like to post just a bunch of enjoy the cuteness.  

I took two nice breaks today.

Jeremy & I went to the kick off event for the Thursday Morning Bible Study at our church (Hillside Church).  He got to go and play with his friends & I got to go have some adult conversation (that naturally revolved a little bit around our kids).  I love our church and I love that there is something like this for women to participate in, and I love that they provide child care for the mommies who participate.  This is the first year that I am doing it & have to admit that I was a little bit hesitant...I thought it wasn't something that women my age did.  I am happy that there are about 10 of my friends doing the Bible Study, and even though we won't all be in the same group, it's fun knowing that we will all be learning the same things and growing in the Word together.

Today I sat down behind my sewing machine, turned it on & then decided that I didn't feel like sewing anything.  I decided instead to sit on the sofa & watch silly (that's putting it lightly) afternoon television.  I know very well that there is nothing good on in the afternoons, but I felt like I needed a break.  By the end of the second show, I was feeling a little twitchy.  Probably a sign that I should have started a project.  And the fact that Jeremy slept for 3 1/2 hours this afternoon was a sign that I definitely should have started a project...but I didn't.   And that's okay.

I was kind of productive...I got the flat tire on our stroller fixed (yeah!!) and got the car washed this morning (yipee!!).  Tomorrow I will do some sewing.

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