Friday, September 16, 2011

Cot Blanket #2

I finished the blanket for Miss L today.  This one gave me some trouble, but turned out super cute & I am pleased to say that it is done. 
If I didn't have the troubles I did (think ripping the same seam over & over again because I sewed it wrong), I would have had the entire blanket done during Jeremy's nap.  But, I managed to sew squares onto the wrong places, in the wrong order, & when Jeremy woke up, I couldn't very well leave him in his room whimpering for an hour while I finished.  So, I got him up and had a crazy baby playing hide & seek in the blanket & whining to climb up into my lap.
What is a mommy to do?  
Blue's Clues.  Something about that show puts Jeremy into a state that causes him to freeze and stare.  It's magic. 
This was my view for most of the show.  It's magic!
On any other day, I would have packed up my sewing stuff and called it a day.  Not today.  I was determined to get this blanket done.  And I did. 

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