Friday, September 9, 2011

A No Work Day

I am blessed to have a husband with a job that allows me to stay home and raise our son. 
We are blessed to get "no work days" every other Friday.  The past two Fridays off we have been much more intentional about spending time as a family, and really taking advantage of the fact he doesn't have to work.
Today, Jeremy had the whole playground at Vasona Park to himself.  A shocker.  Although, it shouldn't be so much of a surprise since school is back in session and we went at 10:00 on a Friday. 
We were walking to the playground, when Bryan made a sudden turn with the stroller towards the creek.  There were about 8 ducks walking around on the bank and swimming in the water.  So, we stopped to look & with the appropriate amount of quacking (on our part) had a nice "visit" with the ducks. 
...not too sure about those ducks being so close.
These guys were fearless...or thinking they were going to get some snacks from us...
Now we're getting excited!
After the ducks we went to the park.  Jeremy's favorite activity of the day...climbing up the stairs to the big kid tube slide. 
...the slide had some static!     

We went all over that playground.  After we played, we went and had lunch and then home for a nap (all three of us took naps). 
Climbing with Mommy
Climbing up the small slide.

Crossing the "bouncy" bridge with Mommy.
Considering crossing the "bouncy" bridge by himself.
I love no work days. 

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