Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day One.

I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to blog.  A bit obsessive...I suppose, but necessary.

After two days of late bed times, an early one was in order for my sweet baby turned monster toddler yesterday.  I am happy to report that (at least for today) my sweet boy has returned & we had a very pleasant day.

I am very big on routines and do not do well when things deviate too much.  Not such a great attribute when living with a toddler and probably why there were mommy meltdown when Jeremy was having his moments the last couple days.  I'm working on it, but am super grateful to have an easy going (most days) kid and a easy going husband.  Needless to say, we have a pretty solid routine in the morning. 

After I get Jeremy up & changed, we go into the kitchen where he requests a "ne-ne" (banana) and "toat" (toast).  Mommy throws in some milk too, but rarely does he ask for it.  Then he gets in his highchair and eats...the entire banana.
It's a good thing bananas are soft.  He can power one down in no time flat. 
 Sometimes we leave the house, sometimes not.  Today our day consisted of "Elma" (Sesame Street), "baks" (blocks), a walk with friends, and playing on the "fa" (sofa).  In my efforts to keep my crazy kid from falling off the sofa when he cuts the corners, I managed to get a few good shots... that baby! that belly!

I managed to get an order finished during naptime today.

We did some other stuff today too...but this has already gotten too long.  I promise, I will be a little more focused next time! 

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