Sunday, January 30, 2011 it all started...

Yesterday my baby boy turned 8 months old.  I sat with him in his bedroom listening to him babble to his "baby friend" in the mirror and wondered "where have the 8 months gone?" 

It is so amazing to me how much he has grown and changed since he was born...and the 8 months have flown by!

He was the first "customer" for WeeWants, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a picture of him and his blanket :0) 

Since I started this adventure I have had a number of happy customers!  I am feeling SO blessed that this little craft project that was made with love for my son, has turned into something that is bring other wee ones so much happiness!
...check out his mommy's website & blog at!  She makes some amazing hairpieces :0)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

...current inventory...

As orders are coming in, fabric is going out! 
Until I totally figure out how I am going to manage my inventory, fabrics are coming & going excuse the ever changing inventory pictures! 

The fabric "collections" shown are available for $15.  This means that the quilts will be approximately 24"x24" finished. 
If you want a name sewn on the quilt (see picture), it will be $0.50 per letter.
Additional rows can be added for $2 per row. 

Hopefully you see something you like!  If not, e-mail and we can create a custom quilt for you!

Example of a standard sized quilt with name added.

Eggplant, yellow dots (on white), blue gingham, blue squares (on white)


Firefighters.  Coordinating fabrics will be chosen by me.

This is a collection of fabrics I found.  The quilt will be larger than standard size.  $30.

Owls.  Coordinating fabrics will be chosen by me. There is enough fabric for 2 quilts.  

Elephants.  Coordinating fabrics will be chosen by me.  There is enough fabric for 2 quilts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  All in a great way, but overwhelmed none-the-less. 

Since the end of 2010 I have had a bunch of orders and am thinking that this little project is going to turn into something bigger.  Which has lead me to start thinking about what is next.  Do I open up a shop on  Do I start an online store? Do I just keep doing things the way I'm doing them?

My gut and head (and husband) are telling me to register a domain name and start a website...but I have no clue where to go from buying & registering the domain name. I have grand ideas for a website, and I am hoping that they'll be able to translate from my head to the page!

All of these things are coming fast & furious...I'm excited, anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time!  Wherever this takes me, I am grateful for the response I've gotten and am blessed to have a husband that puts up with me sewing in the middle of his shows :0) 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Rather than have a bunch of premade blankets in my storage-lacking house, I am going to make the car seat quilts as the orders come in.
The new ordering process will look something like this:
  • Browse the blog or Facebook page and look at the fabric "collections" (which will still be considered "premade" quilts, i.e. $15)
  • Choose the fabric and let me know (by e-mailing if you want a name on the quilt ($0.25 per letter)
  • E-mail and we will work together to create a custom quilt (starting at $20)
Here is what I have available right now:

This fabric is no longer available.

This fabric is no longer available.

This fabric is no longer available.

This exact quilt has been sold.  This fabric is still available. 

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    New Things

    As if starting this little business wasn't enough of a new thing...

    I realize that I may have made the quilts seem like they are only for babies. 

    Yes, they are the perfect size for a car seat.
    Yes, they do make great snuggle blankets.
    Yes, they can be for bigger kids (just add a few rows and it's a bigger blanket for a bigger kid). 

    The Car Seat Quilts are 6 squares x 6 squares (each square is 5"x6") and completed are (most of the time) 28"x24".  I will specify the size if it is different. 
    A quilt for a bigger kid would change with the age/size of the child.  The price will also adjust depending on how many rows need to be added.

    Pricing changes: 
    • Premade Car Seat Quilts: $15
    • Custom Car Seat Quilts: $20
    • Quilts for Bigger Kids: $25 (and may go up depending on how many rows need to be added)
    • Customizing with a Name: $0.25 per letter 
    Please contact with any questions!  Check out the Facebook page for more photos (search WeeWants).

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    ...starting up...

    When I got a sewing machine from my grandma and started to play around with it, I never thought that I would start crafting things to sell!  
    I made my son a small quilt out of scrap fabric from his nursery and it turned out to be the perfect size for his carseat...not too bulky, but still covered up his lap and toes.  It wasn't until a friend from church mentioned that people might be interested in buying them that I got the thought into my head. 
    So, here I am, starting a little at home business selling what I call "Car Seat Quilts."  I have a small (but growing) inventory of quilts that I have premade, but will take custom orders too.
    The premade quilts are $15 (plus shipping) and the custom orders are $20 (plus shipping).  If you're interested, check out my Facebook page (WeeWants) or e-mail me at

    Here's to a new adventure in 2011!