Monday, May 16, 2011


Before I became a mom, I was a teacher.  I still am a teacher, just not in the classroom.  

Before I became a mom, I was spending my evenings correcting papers, writing lesson plans & going to sleep by 10.  I still like to go to sleep by 10, but now I get to put my sweet boy to bed & spend time with my husband. 

Before I became a mom, my mornings were early & busy.  My mornings are still early & still busy, but I get to stay in my pajamas. 

Before I became a mom, my springs were spent counting down the days until my next break.  I don't really care what day it is anymore, so I'm not counting down the days until anything...but things sometimes sneak up on me.  

Except my son's first birthday!  This past year has gone by SO fast.  

I'm sitting here with the print out of what his invitations will look like, trying to figure out what games we will play (yes, I realize that 1st birthday parties are mostly attended by adults & my son's not really going to remember, but we will play games), deciding what food to give the guests,  and searching for a recipe for the smash cake that he will hopefully use to provide us with some great photo opportunities. 

Before I started WeeWants, I made my son a blanket that was just an experiment on my Granny's sewing machine.  Now, I have made & sold over 30 blankets for other babies on my own sewing machine ( be completely honest...some were still made on Granny's machine).

In the spirit of giving gifts for birthdays, WeeWants will be offering a 35% discount through
  MAY 31ST
When you place your order on, enter in the coupon code JKABDAY to receive the discount.  

If you don't find a fabric collection that you want in the shop, send an e-mail to me at and we will work to find a collection that is perfect for the wee one you're ordering a blanket for.