Wednesday, August 1, 2012

...rare moments...

The toddler is napping upstairs & the baby is napping on the floor beside me.  There is no laundry to do, no floors to vacuum, no dinner to prepare.

It's a once a year occurrence.  Our family is on vacation this week with my mom, stepdad, brother & sister-in-law.  We're at an amazing house in Pebble Beach and with the abundance of hands to hold baby Gabby & extra bodies to run with Jeremy, I have had some time to do...nothing important.

I got to read some friends' blogs & realized how long it has been since I posted anything!  Since my last post our family has grown by one sweet girl.  Baby Gabby Girl (so nicknamed by her big brother) took a hold of our hearts on June 1st.  It has been amazing to see how she has changed our family & the tenderness that her brother shows her melts my heart.  I love to hear him talking to her, and often find him holding her hand or stroking her head while he sits close and tells her secrets.  He can make her smile like crazy & she does not take her eyes off of that kid if he's around.  It is going to be such a sweet relationship & I am so excited to see it grow.
Big brother meets his baby for the first time.
Gabrielle Kim, June 1 2012

What does all of this have to do with WeeWants?  Well, needless to say, blankets have taken a bit of a backseat to the new life changes that we've been adjusting to the last 2 months.

My plan is to have my Etsy shop back open by the end of August.  I'll be ready to start taking orders for all of those fall babies (or presents for the summer babies, since they didn't need blankets when they were born)!

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...Until then...I hope you have some time to do nothing today!