Thursday, September 8, 2011

How often do these things happen??

Three hour naps for the baby
Sewing a blanket from start to finish
Watching a full one hour show

The answer: 
Not often, but they happened today.  

Jeremy went to his Grandma's house today for an could he have gotten that worn out in just an hour?  Whatever she did, I will send him over daily if three hour naps are the result.  He woke up and was a happy baby, I was a happy mommy.

I started a blanket for a customer at the beginning of this epic nap.  And I finished it.  Typically it takes me 2-3 days (working in naptime increments) to sew the top & the name, and then I can sew on the backing.  It feels really great to have another project out of my project bin.  
I got the chance to take more pictures of the blanket I finished yesterday.  This was a custom order.  The customer wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed blanket for her soon to be niece.  I searched for fabrics, put them together in an e-mail and then sent them to her to get the okay.  I love doing blankets this way!  If you want a custom blanket, e-mail me at  
A creative way to add the middle name...any guesses what it is??

Tomorrow's agenda: cut squares for cot blankets for my preschool advertisers! 

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