Monday, September 12, 2011

Long day!

Today was a long day.  I didn't take any pictures worth sharing & that bums me out a little bit.

Jeremy & I left this morning at 9:00 to run errands & came back to eat lunch, take a nap (him), sew (me), and then leave again to run more errands until it was time to make dinner.

I have to say...he was a trooper.  I would have been grouchy, but he did it all with a cute smile.  He charmed everyone at each store we went to and just chatted and chatted with me.
My little trooper & I
Anyway, I just finished the top to a blanket I am making for a friend's friend who is going through chemotherapy right now and gets cold during her treatments.  I feel really humbled to be making a blanket that will, hopefully, make the treatments a little bit more bearable.

Now, it's time to go and talk to my husband...I don't think we've spoken more than 10 words since he came home from physical therapy today...oops!    

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