Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dancing, flying & freaking out!

Jeremy has always loved music.  And the moment those little legs could support his upper body he'd bounce and dance every time he heard music.
Now that he's super mobile, he loves to dance.  His version of dancing may be different from yours, but it's dancing none-the-less. 
This weekend we went to the LA area for a family party.  Jeremy was a hit.  His outfit got many comments & his moves made his the ladies melt.
Blurry...but definitely captured the adorable outfit.  Thanks E-Marie Designs for the bowtie!

Jeremy dancing with one of the DJ's at the party.  There is a better video, I just don't have it yet.  

Today, we flew home.  Jeremy was great on both flights.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact my mom was on the flight with us.  And that we completely wore the poor guy out so he wanted to do a lot of sitting still.  I was probably more stressed about the flights than I needed to be.  We survived.
Relaxing after a long jog around the terminal pre-flight.

Tonight, I am freaking out a little because I have a meeting about WeeWants tomorrow.  I have a bunch of samples of car seat blankets, but no cot blankets to show.  So, tomorrow (before 3) I need to find the time to: clean my house, shop for groceries, play with my son, and sew a blanket.  I know it's all going to get done...if I get enough sleep.
With that being said, I'm going to bed. 

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